Everybody loves Frozen!

Don’t worry we won’t be stepping on Disney’s toes here, but a few weeks back when it was particularly warm outside, we had an order for Fairphone’s Snowflake Case. The customer stuck with a theme and ordered it in Glacial Blue by Faberdashery which we list on our 3D Hub. It was a great choice.[…]

Metallic Materials print great

If asked to choose a material to get a great finish I think I would choose Faberdashery’s “Robot Silver” every time. Something about the metallic finish that hides the print layering and they just come out really great. Textures pop and smooth areas don’t even look printed. This was printed on our Ultimaker 2 at a[…]

Setting customer expectations

Communication is the most important aspect of customer service. Even if the news is bad news, customers appreciate being kept in the picture and often leave with a better overall impression of your service despite not getting exactly what they hoped for. Think of all those news stories showing disgruntled train commuters or airline passengers who feel they’ve been let down -usually it’s being left in the dark that bothers them the most. […]

Being a 3D Hub

A new text message arrives. “Good News! There is a new order for you on 3D Hubs.”


Could be another Fairphone case. So far there has not been a single repeat of colour and design. The beauty of making custom items to order is that the number of combinations is vast. If so it shouldn’t be a challenge and we can quickly make another community-minded customer happy.

But maybe it will be something different. Something challenging. Time to take a look…therein lies the thrill of it.