Parthenon in TinkerCad -modelled by 9 year Thomas

This is possibly one of my favourite prints ever. Modelled by Thomas aged 9 from Guildford, England. 

It came to me by way of a 3D Hubs order and during communications with Chris, the customer, it emerged that this was modelled in tinkercad by his 9 year old son for a school project. I was blown away. See Tom the tinkerer’s creation here.

2016-04-16 08_59_13-Program ManagerIMG_9735

Not only is it an impressive model, but it was designed with 3D printing in mind and was relatively easy to print. The roof was modelled separately with locating pins on each corner. This not only made the model more printable, but also allowed the roof to be removed to reveal the internal geometry, including the Athena statue.

Chris also requested a larger scale print of the Athena statue which they had scanned in using a Structure Sensor. The statue posed a few more challenges at this scale and some of the detail was lost in printing; but it printed well enough and Chris was satisfied. They have very kindly also made this model available on TinkerCad for anyone to get and print.

2016-04-16 07_32_51-Photo - Google Photos

Image of the Parthenon by Serendigity shared under CC. Source here

2016-04-16 08_11_57-Jump List for Z - Chrome

Now the Technical bit. Read on, 3D printer geeks 🙂

There was a little tidying up to do on the tops of the pillars as the corners curled up, but this print was done before I had started using Simplify3D for slicing. I think with Simplify3D I could have prevented this, and I have printed some amazing models recently with the finest detail on the tops printing really well with the default settings. No overheating, curling or becoming a blobby mess. I will blog about that later.


2016-04-16 07_15_39-New notification

I also learned a valuable technical lesson. Ambient temperature can have a dramatic and immediate effect on a print; if you don’t have an enclosed printer watch out for drafts! The printer was installed near the door and the horizontal glitch line shown below represents the 2 or 3 minute period that I had the door open on a very cold morning. The print had been going all night and I had to start it again.

2016-04-16 07_15_24-New notification

20% fill. Under-extrusion caused by an open door on a cold day.



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