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It’s been a year and a half since the I asked a 3D Hub in Cologne to print a lock for me and install it on Hohenzollern Bridge as a gesture for my aniversary. This is how it all started, with a message to fellow 3D Hub’s Hub…

On Tue, 2014-09-23 13:34 Greg commented:
Hello fellow hub, London calling!
I was recently in Cologne for PhotoKina and noticed that the Hohenzollern Bridge has a lot of padlocks, but a distinct lack of 3D printed padlocks! At least I didn’t see any.
Also I read that the locks have added 2 tonnes to the weight of the bridge, so 3D-printing these would have added considerably less weight.
Perhaps you can help me address this. I would like to have one printed (I will provide the STL) and then hooked onto the bridge on my behalf, and then photographed. It is my wedding anniversary on the 1 October, so I’d quite like to do it for then as a romantic gesture for my wife.
I have recently bought Colorfabb bronzefill material, and would love to do it in that, but I see that you don’t list it. Are you likely or able to get some? I will probably print one here in as my first test print anyway. It polishes up very well, and corrodes with coppery green corrosion, so it would be a beautiful thing 🙂

Perhaps you will get others asking you to do the same – you could offer this as a speciality due to your proximity to the bridge.
Please let me know if you are willing and able to participate in my little project and if you would also be willing to polish it for me.
Thanks in advance,
Z-Axis 3D

So ultimately the lock was printed in Cologne and installed on the bridge and for all I know may still be there.

detailhohenzollern_bridge_position (1)hohenzollern_bridge_position (1) 2016-03-08 22_42_32-Start

Weighing Up the options

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The weight is an issue and I understand that some City councils routinely remove the locks, although some on the Hohenzollern Bridge looked to me like they have been in place a very long time.

As a matter on interest I wanted to quantify this. Well a picture is worth a thousand words.

IMG_0069 IMG_0068

So the real lock weighs 6 times what the 3D printed one does. Won’t keep your possessions save, but might keep the bridge from collapsing.

Printing around the world

This project subsequently sparked off a follow-on project by Lars of – Around the world in 80 Prints but that is a post for another day.


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