Stack Exchange weighs in to the 3D Printing Arena

stack exchange



For those with software development or IT backgrounds Stack Overflow will be a familiar name. They have become the ubiquitous site for questions and answers on all things software and computer related. However since it’s inception, Stack Exchange has branched into many other areas from photography, robotics and Lego to Philosophy, Mythology and Coffee. See the full list here.



The oldest site is Stack Overflow with 11 million Questions and 18 million answers

2016-03-07 12_55_25-Start

And now one of the very newest sites is 3D Printing, with Just 187 questions and 360 answers as of now.

2016-03-07 12_55_36-Start

Reference Stack Exchange traffic

It’s in Beta I predict this will only grow and grow and is a welcome addition to the extremely useful resources already out there.

Other 3D Printing resources

Here are a handful of the other resources that I use regularly

Facebook Groups

youTube Channels

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