Stack Exchange weighs in to the 3D Printing Arena

    For those with software development or IT backgrounds Stack Overflow will be a familiar name. They have become the ubiquitous site for questions and answers on all things software and computer related. However since it’s inception, Stack Exchange has branched into many other areas from photography, robotics and Lego to Philosophy, Mythology and[…]

Local Manufacturing by Example

Ask most people what 3D printing is good for and prototypes, bespoke items and repairs will probably feature most highly. There is another use which is less mentioned; but no less interesting or important: local manufacturing. Also referred to as distributed manufacturing, this is changing the way supply chain works. But what does that mean and why the[…]



I was at my computer designing when the news broke and the scale of the terror attacks Paris unfolded. Since Friday night some have expressed dissatisfaction with the proliferation of French flags all over social media, saying that if we feel such solidarity with the French over an attack in Paris, we should feel equally shocked and[…]

Everybody loves Frozen!

Don’t worry we won’t be stepping on Disney’s toes here, but a few weeks back when it was particularly warm outside, we had an order for Fairphone’s Snowflake Case. The customer stuck with a theme and ordered it in Glacial Blue by Faberdashery which we list on our 3D Hub. It was a great choice.[…]

Metallic Materials print great

If asked to choose a material to get a great finish I think I would choose Faberdashery’s “Robot Silver” every time. Something about the metallic finish that hides the print layering and they just come out really great. Textures pop and smooth areas don’t even look printed. This was printed on our Ultimaker 2 at a[…]